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VACC transfer request


  • Minimum rating required: S2 (TWR controller).

  • Mandatory, advanced knowledge of both Spanish language and Spanish ICAO phraseology.

  • Advanced knowledge of configuration and management of Euroscope.

  • Have read and accepted the rules of the VACC.

  • Be registered on the VACC website (


  • Send the request to the VACC director via e-mail, with copies to the training department indicating:

    • Full (and real) name. Nicknames will be automatically rejected and requests will no longer be accepted with the same VATSIM ID.

    • VATSIM ID.

    • VACC currently assigned to.

    • The reason for requesting the VACC transfer.

  • Once the request is reviewed and approved, it will become part of the training plan for visitor controllers and the training department will assign the date and instructor depending on the availability or on the current training program at the time. The training department or the assigned instructor will determine the necessary practical training sessions to validate the ATC rating as transferred controller.

  • The training will be provided in Spanish language, although procedures and phraseology in English language are included.

  • Once the training period is finished, you will be notified the acceptance as a transferred controller.

Rights and duties

  • All accepted as a transferred controller on VATSIM Spain should have read and accepted the applicable regulations of the VACC.

  • After passing the corresponding training period, you shall be authorized to control in any position allowed by your rating within the Spanish VACC airspace.

  • VATSIM Spain reserves the right to cancel the active controller status to anyone who violates the rules of the VACC or stays inactive for a long period of time (3 month max.).

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