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Virtual Airlines

Aerolíneas que operan en VATSIM ESPAÑA.

Desde aquí pretendemos informar a todos los pilotos virtuales cuales son las VA's que operan dentro del espacio aéreo virtual español.

Certificadas dentro de VATSIM 

1- Operar dentro de la red de Vuelo VATSIM
2- Incluir el logo de VATSIM en la portada de su pagina web
3- Crear o disponer de una base de operaciones (HUBS) dentro de uno de los FIR's que componen VATSPA (Madrid, Barcelona o Canarias)
4-Certificacion oficial "Partner airline".

Si cumplen estos  requisitos y desean aparecer en nuestra web deberán enviarnos:

1- Logo de la compañía, no mayor de 450 x 150 pixels, formato JPG o PNG.
2- Archivo de texto con la información que quieren que aparezca seguido del logo de aerolínea en nuestra página web.
3- Link al  sitio web de la aerolínea.

Todo esto deberá ser enviado vía email al Departamento de Tecnología de VATSPA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. con copia  a la Dirección de VATSPA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
VATSPA verificará que todo es correcto y enviará un email a la VA informándole si la solicitud ha sido aceptada o denegada.


Listado de requisitos desde la pagina de VATSIM Central:

All airlines listed in the VATSIM database must meet these basic requirements:

(1) The airline management supports VATSIM and encourages their pilots to use VATSIM approved software for flying on the VATSIM network.

(2) Many of their pilots regularly fly online, giving the airline a presence on the VATSIM network. The requirement is a minimum of ten pilots who have flown on VATSIM under your VA callsign within the last 90 days

(3) The airline must have been in existence for at least three months. The three month period starts when your VA is fully functional and open for new pilots to sign up.

(4) Each airline has 10 or more pilots with a verified VATSIM PID/CID, listed in an easy to find roster or rosters (if hub based), who fly actively on the VATSIM Network. If your roster is not easily visible, send us a list with PID/CID. THOSE VIRTUAL AIRLINES THAT USE VA FINANCIALS MUST OPEN A SUPPORT TICKET CONTAINING THEIR ROSTER OF PILOTS WHO USE VATSIM ACCOMPANIED BY THEIR CID: THE TICKETING SYSTEM DETAILS ARE FOUND AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

(5) Each airline displays a VATSIM logo, with link, on their website homepage, preferably in a conspicuous location. This is usually the front page or alternatively in a Partners page linked from the main page. VATSIM logos can now be found by navigating here:, then log in, then navigate to VATSIM logos on the left hand side".

(6) The VA must have a dedicated website. No free website services are permitted.

(7) All VAs must maintain an active email address from which they can be contacted by VATSIM officials.

(8) As a VA Partner, each VA will maintain decorum and respect both on the VATSIM network and in their own website communications regarding comments, discussions and interactions with other VATSIM members and participants.


A) VAs, when applying for partnership, must include all the requested information from above to help the application be processed promptly. To apply for affiliation, use the form below.

B) An airline may be removed from the database at any time for any valid reason as deemed by VATSIM officials to include, but not limited to: Dead links, bad email addresses, continuous misbehavior by pilots on the network, or failure to adhere to the above stated affiliation requirements.



VATSPA en este apartado pretende en todo momento informar a los pilotos virtuales
de la existencia de diferentes VA's que operan dentro del territorio español.
VATSPA tiene la potestad y soberanía de incluir en su pagina web toda la información que crea conveniente para sus usuarios.


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